Browser Analysis/Usage

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 19.32.52.pngHere are some interesting statistic of web browser usage from 2010 to 2017. It is interesting to see the decline from Internet Explorer, being just under half of what people used in 2010, then dropping below 20% in 2015 then under 10% in 2017!

The rise of Chome and Safari come down to the releasing of newer laptops that come preprogrammed with the browser, offering easier to use functions and a more minimalistic approach for users.

This is important information for web designers as some browsers operate different to others, from flash players to processing speeds.


File Types:

VECTOR: Smooth, mathematical curve

Advantages: small, infinitely scalable, editable

RASTER: Detailed pixel squares. Dpi

I.e. 300 dpi = 300 dots/pixels per 1” ²

Advantages: Detailed editing, great detail

Cons: Can blur, large file sizes

  • GIF fast being replaced by PNG apart from little GIF animations.
  • JPG Ideal for ‘proper’ photo quality. Highly compressed and produces a bigger file.

SVG (Vector) No loss of quality
Not all browsers support this. FF and Chrome do.

PNG (Browsers’ preference) Supports transparencies, uncompressed can be used in print too. (Logos, icons, etc.)


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