WIX is an online website creator offering a free editor to use, with lot of different templates, widgets and even stock imagery for you to use to build your own site. WIX is also easy to use, allowing you to upload multiple image types such as JPEGS and PNG, with PNG’s also keeping transparencies on this editor.

I would like to experiment with WIX to see what outcome I can come out with and the differences, positives and drawbacks of using this editor compared with Adobe Muse.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 19.02.51.pngWIX has lots of options for you to use before getting started. I decided to use the minimal layout as this is similar to what I want my site to look like. Upon opening this template I could easily upload my own photos into the
gallery. I also had no issues with the quality or resolutions of the images I uploaded which I did with Muse.


I then started building the menus of the site and putting my own logo onto it. The logo used is one I had previously, I have included it to make the website look more authentic and show that I can design a functioning website portfolio for myself as a designer.

I wanted the viewer to be immediately greeted with my work as soon as the page opens, so they can instantly see what work I have done as a designer and my skill set. If they wanted to know more about a project I wanted to be able to make each image open into a new page if they were clicked on. WIX allowed me to easily to this on their pages system, I added the a page, named in and then simply linked it to an image.

Behind my logo design is a brushed lettering that I created, I wanted to juxtapose this traditional technique with more modern sans serif typefaces throughout the site. I think this pairing worked well together. I also chose to keep the header and footer in a black and white colour scheme. I done this because I wanted my work to speak for itself, I didn’t want my website to have novelty moving effects or transitions, I wanted it simple and professional as my audience would possibly be potential clients, so  I need them to get the best ease of access and feeling from first opening up the website.





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