Sean De Burca – Workshop

Today we had a workshop with Sean De Burca, a graphic designer and typographer who has previously also been on the HND and BA course. He went through a lot of his early work when he started getting into lettering and also his recent work. I was amazed with some of the work he had produced especially for local companies that I have seen before.

(Above) Examples of the work shown to us designed and created by Sean De Burca.

Sean talked to us about his work and freelancing and answered any questions we had for him. Seeing his work from pencil sketches to professional illustrated typography pieces has made me think about practicing more with typography by hand and seeing if I can improve my skills, as this is a really nice skill to be able to have as all of the logos and type pieces you create will be unique to you and can’t just be typed out with a font.

Sean had also provided with one of his early templates to help us design our own lettering. This grid layout was really helpful to gauge where you wanted your serifs and keeping everything in scale. Using this template myself really made me appreciate the amount of time, effort and skill needed to produce some of his work.

It was a really insightful and interesting workshop to have.IMG_5780

Here is my quick sketched lettering of my name using Sean’s template and using his guide that could be torn of to create more lines.


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