Target Audience

The brief:

Design an A2 print poster that describes and visualises an aspect of production that has many ethical consequences (perhaps both good and bad) in terms of the beings and environments it impacts, sustainability, economics, human rights and so on.

Your audience will be the ordinary people who are the purchasers, users and perhaps makers of the case studies you present. Be informative and frank, yet consider how you present the more difficult aspects (you can present any way you deem fit but show that you have justified your approach). You should assume the audience is local (UK) and you need to relate your case to their life, even (especially) when it’s life cycle might mostly take place overseas or away from the public eye.


Our group poster will be displayed around the college, so we need an eye catching and engaging poster that will make people stop and read the information on the poster. We want the viewer to make up their own mind about the ethical implications of cut flowers, so we will include good and bad aspects from the subject. As our audience is UK based we need to make sure the information we present is made LOCAL for them so they can understand the impacts of what is happening even though it is across seas. The poster needs to be engaging at a distance and close up, we can have a fair amount of text on this poster as people around the college should have time to stop and read it.

As my group was surprised at the ethical implications of cut flowers as much as I was, it should be an interesting topic for people to stop and read more about it. The text needs to be clear, legible and easy to understand. We need to make sure the page is not overloaded with text as that will put people off from stopping and reading the information. The illustrations we include should compliment the type used and be bold to draw the audience in.





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