Building Poster

After researching and developing our group idea we set about designing. It was my job to start illustrating the poster. I went online to find some reference imagery to use, I wanted to make smooth organic illustrations that were bold and simple to understand at a distance and close up.

Here is my design process, as you can see the illustrations of the two women are simple and clear to understand. In this early stages of the design there is a lot that will be changed. I started illustrating the scenery behind the Kenyan woman, but after some group discussions it felt like it was getting to design heavy and we needed to start focusing on the information.

The rest of the group done most of the research in the group and picked out the best facts and figures they thought should be included in the poster. We also started thinking about small illustrations to complement the figures. For example the illustration of Lake Naivasha, from birds eye view map from 2003 to present to show the decrease in the lake depth from flower farming.






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