Raisin Experiment:

Firstly we done a mindfulness exercise, this time however we imagined we were holding a raisin. We were told to think about how this felt in our hands, the texture and the weight and temperature.

Even though this was all imagination I still got the feeling of the small, soft raisin and I even could think about feeling the wrinkles of the fruit. I could also imagine squeezing the raisin and feeling how soft it was.

When asked to pretend to smell the imaginary raisin I could actually smell something. It brought back a lot of memories as I haven’t eaten raisins since around primary school, so I got a lot of different memories, feeling and smells from doing this.

When asked to place the raisin inside my mouth I couldn’t actually taste it, neither could I taste it when asked to swirl it around my mouth. I thought this was strange as I could feel and imagine the smell of it but not the taste.

Part 2

We then carried out the exact same routine this time with an actual raisin. With the real fruit it was a lot softer than I had previously imagined and smaller than I imagined previously. However it still had the same feeling with the dry wrinkly texture.



A luscious fruit with a glistening skin and succulent soft inside



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