Research Cut Flowers


Last year, 19,000 tonnes of flowers were imported into the UK from Kenya, racking up 33,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Over the last 40 years Kenya has become the largest exporter of flowers to Europe. Unfortunately unsustainable farming practices, pollution, habitat loss, declining wildlife numbers and an increased human population have all attributed to the serious problems caused by the flower farm industry in Lake Naivasha.

The farms now cover huge tracts of land alongside the lake and these giant farms pump water directly from the lake into their greenhouses at an alarming rate which is much greater than the lake can replenish itself. Since the start of flower farming the lake has lost four of its five metre water depth.

The lake is further damaged with all the runoff of pesticides and chemicals used to grow these flowers which is drained right back into the lake. The once crystal clear waters have now turned a murky brown due to the toxic runoffs which includes sewage waste from the town.



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