Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 21.36.49After our discussion about the composition we decided to look at other existing infographics and type layout. Something that we liked the look of was in our research of cut flowers. The type and illustrations were arranged neatly into a grid layout with bold information in the same relating icons. This worked well and we wanted to try and organise our poster in a similar way.

We chose to redesign our lay out hours before presenting. This wasn’t the most sensible idea but we needed to change it we no longer felt the poster was working. We also decided to change the title of the poster from ‘Ethics of Cut Flowers’ to ‘The Secrets Behind Cut Flowers’; we decided to do this because ‘secrets’ makes it seem the information is unknown and should be interesting to learn and discover .

We also decided to include a small summary at the bottom sides of the poster. As we decided from the start we didn’t want to make a bias poster that favoured one side of the subject, but make the viewer make up their own mind.

Here’s is what we redesigned:

ETHICS POSTER.4 god help us jesus christ ai


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