What thing feel like (affect) – What relationships, you and objects, places, spaces


Divergent thinking: why we go on trips

  • Photographs
  • Widen our knowledge and research
  • Get us outside
  • Fresh air
  • Away from computers
  • New ideas
  • Have fun
  • Explore
  • Have fun
  • City vs nature (reflection)
  • Break the daily cycle
  • Generating ideas
  • Humans effects on wildlife and nature


The first thing I noticed when making our way to the grass area was the temperature, it was cold outside and the wind made it a lot worse.

Something I noticed was the hard divide between the road and the nature. Only the tops of the trees arched over into the road, like there was an invisible wall blocking it out.

The sound of the leaves is also something I sensed, I had never stopped and listened closely to the soft sound the leaves made when the wind blew them together

I also noticed litter hidden away in the bushes, for example empty beer bottles carelessly dumped outside that were an eye sore in this environment

There was also a cut tree stump in the grass, however it was cut at a strange height and left about 2 feet above ground, upon looking closely this stump also had initials carved out into it.

The feeling of bark on the trees was rough, and I was interested in the comparison between the hardness of the bark and the softness of the leaves.

Thinking about balance senses, at the point I felt like my body was completely balanced and I was in control.

The smell of cut grass was also present outside.

On making my way back from this area I also noticed trees in the car park that I had strangely never noticed before.

This was an interesting exercise to do in this location, as I drive past this spot every week frequently in my car and never consciously stopped and thought about any of the feelings I had today, which is why it is important to explore new things, stop and use #noticing to expand our brains and open ourselves to new thoughts and ideas.

Canteen Exercise

  • the amount of noise created by cutlery
  • the constant mumble of voices and laughter
  • smell of food cooking
  • vibrations from the floor and roof from people walking
  • the London themed street sign for Brook Street
  • the cannonball looking air conditioning vents
  • sense of balance not as centred as outside, due to the range of high and low pitch noises that frequently changed.
  • the bland use of typography on the colleges own posters
  • the glass barrier the windows created from outside blocking the cold


You may always see, but you may not notice


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