Indesign Recap

Today we done a quick recap of some of the fundamental tools and technique you need to understand for this editorial brief. Firstly we created an A5 document with two pages to create our spread. Then I added 3 columns with a 3mm gutter between.

I then made a text box across the page and filled with place holder text (type≥fill placeholder text). I then made the text to 10pt and resized the text box to the first column. This hid the rest of the type at outside the revised area. I then could shift click on the small red box at the bottom right of the text box, which allowed me to draw out another text box and keep the text flowing.

We also recapped looking at creating drop caps in the text. This was done by selecting the text, opening drop caps and nested styles, (alt + cmd + R) and creating 4 lines for a drop capital.

To create a text wrap around the duck we first went into Photoshop, selected the white background, inverse the selection, went into the paths menu, make work path, double click and create path, then create clipping mask. This was then saved as a photoshop eps and placed into my Indesign document.

Once this was in I resized it, then opened window≥text wrap, I needed to let the software know that there was a clipping mask around the image, this was done by going to the contour options menu≥type>photoshop path. I could then change the offset to effect the text around the object.

I also took off hyphenation on my text, and experimented with Justification (alt + shift + cmd + j) menu. The settings that helped were:

word spacing: 80% – 100% – 133%

letter spacing: -5% – 0% – 5%

glyph scaling: 98% – 100% – 102%




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