Bad Editorial Design

Here are some examples of bad editorial design. I have decided to look at bad page layout as well because it will help me understand what not to do with my own layouts and you can’t appreciate how good and well planned other layouts are without seeing the bad.

The use of typography lets a lot of page layouts down. Type can make or break a whole spread so deciding on one that complements what the article and imagery is about will help improve the overall look and flow. The first spread uses 3 different body text colours (green, black and red) throughout the design; this is far too many to keep the spread looking uniform and professional.  The second spread below also falls down from the use of bad typography used. There

The last spread shows how a gutter can ‘eat’ what ever crosses it. I have learnt from this not to cross important pieces of imagery across the gutter, and even titles. The use of text wrap in this page is also too much. Each image is image uses text wrap creating small channels for the text to flow through, this makes it looked cramped where the pictures are close together.


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