Page Layout

Here is a few good example of page layouts that I have found online. Keeping the main focus on photography as this brief is for a magazine called ‘Photography Now!’. The first spread takes two thirds of the spread with a main image and on the left hand side had a column of text with smaller thumbnail images. This spread also has a margin around the text and images so the photo doesn’t bleed of the page.

The second picture features multiple photos on the spread. (Its important to note that the brief does not state how many images are required in your spread).  It has a main image on the first page that bleeds off, then also has 3 other smaller images on the next page along with text. The main image also incorporates text into the image, with the blue background contrasting with the site text; if I were to do something like this I would need to make sure it was legible and not hard to read at all.

I really like the space used on the third layout I have found. It makes use if the white space in the layout to convey a feeling of loneliness and emptiness, this works really well and you can pick this up as a reader without even reading the text or imagery which is something well thought about.



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