Editing My Photos

After choosing photos that I wanted to use it was now time to start editing them. With all my digital photography I load them into Photoshop and first see if they need any brightness/contrast changes, and experiment with levels and curves adjustments to make sure the lighting looks good.

Sharpening my digital photography is something I am always doing as a rule of thumb. Using filter > sharpen > unsharp mask lets me adjust the amount I want with a preview screen. Sharpening can give photos a much more crisper and detail finish to them, improving the look of image quality.

Here is my own example, keeping a close eye of the type in the picture and you can see how much sharpening and image can help. This is a subtle piece of editing that does a lot to an image especially when it comes to printing which I will be doing soon.


I also need to edit my Dungeness photos in Black and White and previously posted about. I will also be doing this on photoshop. A quick way of turning your photos black and white is by turning the saturation to -100 (cmd+shift+u)  however this creates a very flat look to the image and I want mine to have a stark contrast with dark shadows and bright highlights, making the image ‘pop’ from the background.

Here is my finished edit of the photo taken from Dungeness. I first desaturated the image (left) and it gave the the standard black and white filter over the top, however as discussed this leaves everything with a mid range of greys. Using the curves adjustment layer I could choose how much white and black I want to come through in the image and create a more dynamic image that has a lot more grit and emotion to it, this will also show when it comes to printing on the Epson printers.

This is a transferable technique that I will be applying to the photos I’m using for Dungeness.


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