My Own Environment (Lynden Hill)

Editing Photography:

As with most of my photography that will be used for editorial design I like to keep it looking professional as possible. I uploaded my photos onto photoshop and began to sort things that spoilt the shot. For instance there were a few spots of chewing gum marks on the tarmac along with cigarette ends. This made the environment around look dirty and not well kept, and I didn’t it too look like this because of such a clean and smooth subject of the car.

Using the patch tool I could quickly select the parts I wanted gone and drag the selection over a piece of ground that I wanted to replicate. It transfers this selection and smooths it to give it a unnoticeable finish.

Building My Spread:

When coming back from Lynden Hill after a day of taking photos I was really impressed with the quality of photography I had managed to capture. After editing my photos I used the same methods as previous spreads and starting getting elements onto the spread and using two columns again and referring to my sketches to start building the spread.

From researching it gave me a lot of thought about placement of the photo especially when it crossed the gutter, so I made sure the alloy wheel and light didn’t fall into it as that could look strange if bounded into a magazine. This also applies to my typography in my title that I keep to the left hand side.

I used a bold san serif typeface for my title to show the modern feel the cars have and the designs that the owners have used to make them different. Using a smaller sub heading to give a brief explanation of the spread in the same typeface family but a different weight compliments each other and makes it uniform and balanced.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 09.34.23.png

The advantage of using a decent DSLR over a smaller compact camera or phone is that I can crop my photos a lot and retain a huge amount of quality which won’t noticeably decrease print quality.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 09.20.39

I also used a text wrap in my page layout to add another element to my editorial design. In my research I have seen how multiple text wraps on one spread can really ruin a page layout so I’m using it sparingly in this project. Using the car as a text wrap works well from the curves, and how it pokes in from the right of the page gives the layout some character.

Complete Layouts:

I’m really happy with the outcome of these spreads for my chosen environment. I have put a lot of effort in to photography and page layout skills this project and I feel it has shown from the compliments and feedback I have had. The next step is now to test print and get it proof read before printing on the Epson.


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