Indesign – Building Spreads

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.14.53Here is my process on building my double page spreads. Firstly I created my document; the brief states each page will be 200x200mm. I used this in my document setup as well as a 3mm bleed. (Bleed is needed as I have planned to run my photography on a full page, so bleed allows me to do this as when it comes to trimming there won’t be any horrible white bits of the edge of paper)

I have also used 2 columns in my pages, this is because through my research I have found 2 column pages to be easier to read with smaller amounts of text. I wont be having full pages of text in my work so this would be suitable for me to use.

The first thing I done was load my photos I want to use into my spread. This allowed me to resize and reposition until I was happy with a layout. Looking at my quick sketches of layouts and inspiration from my double page spread research gave me helpful ideas to experiment with. I decided my best captivating image from the Dungeness trip was the Hillman 1984 Black Saloon car that was left abandoned outside a house near the seafront, as this has a lot of depth and emotion to it. Because of this I wanted it to fill a whole page so the detail can be seen by the reader.

Adding text to my page by drawing out text boxes and filling with type>placeholder text. This gave me another element of the spread to move about to help find my layout.

Drop Caps and Justification 

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.51.03After writing out my text for my trip to Dungeness it was now time to set the text properly. I decided to use a drop cap of 3 lines as this is something that frequently came up in my research and is a traditional technique used in editorial design. Something we learned in Tim’s lesson was type justification (alt+shift+cmd+j); this takes word spacing, letter spacing and glyph scaling into consideration to create a more even and well presented column of text.

The settings I used are pictured above: here you can see what justification does to the text. It is only a very small and subtle thing to do to for my spread however it is the small things that make the overall professionalism of the layout, and other designers would also be looking out for this in my spread.


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