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Modified car shows and track events are an environment I have experienced many times before. I apporached my photography in a few different ways. Before visiting the BHP Performance show held at Lydden Hill race circuit I had looked into some famous automotive photographers and analysed their work. I waneted to get dynamic angles of the cars such as right down low with them, high up or direct side and front angles. This was a very busy event so I often had to wait a couple of minutes so there wasn’t a person in the picture spoiling the shot. I even had to leave some of the special cars to later on in the day so there were less people in the frame.

I kept compositional techniques in mind, such as rule of thirds and the fibonacci spiral to help keep the photographs looking professional and thought about. It also was a bonus that I could incorporate my own passion for cars into my double page spread and experiement more with my photography skills.        I enjoyed this project a lot as it has improved my abilities with my page layout and photography.

The main reason I chose the subject of modified cars for my environment is beacuse I have previous experience photographing cars. I have never thought about it as an environment before so it gave me a new angle and perspective to have when I was taking my photos.


Here are a selection of photos from a trip to Dungeness beach. At first I thought the area was bleak and run down, however from wandering around the beach and the surroundings there were perfect opportunities to photograph some of the hidden beauty of the area. These photographs were taken with a Nikon D3300 with an 18-55mm Sigma lens. Using low aperture I was able to capture the foreground detail and  make the background have a slight blur making the subject ‘pop’.  Dungeness is ‘chic not bleak’ is a phrase that I feel is an accurate description, it is easy to say the area is bleak at first glance but not until you explore and look for the finer details the environment has to offer will you truly notice this.

The Crystal

The Crystal was an insightful place to visit. My first impressions  came from the building as it was very sophisticated and modern. The sharp, clean, triangular lines that created the buildings shape are unique and the whole glass exterior makes it feel open and welcoming. I have captured this in my photography by using the contrast from the sky to show the buildings triangular structure compared to the surrounding environment, which is more natural with organic curves and lines.

Something I found interesting inside The Crystal was the information on electric vehicles and their growing popularity on our roads and the positive implications they are having on the environment around us.


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