End of Year Briefs

2. Compulsory

There will be a logo speed working workshop. You will create several ideas for one logo (possibly two – you will be advised on the day) and work this up towards a final as much as you can in the time allocated. Logo “brands” will be allocated to you.



Undertake any small typographic project that you think will show off your skills. You may use imagery but typography must be the significant part.

This could be anything you choose, such as: a simple layout, set a poem or lyric, a typographic poster, a logo. Please discuss your choice with a tutor before you start.

You will need to write out a very short brief to say what you intend to do. You will need series of posts in your blog to show your development.


Imagine a film company is producing a blockbuster about aliens. You are asked to design the symbols the aliens use to attempt to communicate with Earthlings. You decide what they are trying to say – but your designs must work in terms of a human film audience understanding the translation reveal at the end of the film. You must base your designs on having explored a variety of non-Latin letterforms, goldsmiths and printers marks and other sign and symbol systems. You must be able to show how the tools used help create the style and aesthetics of the aliens symbols. You must present about consistent five symbols with justifications.


Barnbrook’s brief about designing your own memorial. Available at this link: http://www.edu.barnbrook.net/studentbriefs.html.


You must submit your entire Graphic Design and Type portfolio of type in a hard case portfolio (because we will need to store it for the examiner and because you must present professionally). This should include:

  • Zine
  • Penguin book covers
  • The two briefs from above
  • PLUS you must show HOW any work that has been developed or improved
  • Blog that is carefully categorised to enable quick reference to all of the above projects
  • All three evaluations for each project component



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