Design Volunteers – Digital Design

I opened up my image inside illustrator and began to use the pen tool to create a line illustration of my hand and pencil. I used a medium stroke and wanted to keep the illustration as simple as possible, keeping it to outlines only.

I used a bold sans serif typeface (Gotham Ultra) in caps for the ‘design part’ and a script flowing typeface for volunteers (stinkonthedeath). A technique I experimented with is offsetting the path (creating a thick outline around each letter) which I then cut put from ‘design’ using pathfinder, creating a simple cut out effect linking the two words together.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.37.18


Here is my finished logo for Design Volunteers. I’m happy with my design process and final outcome within the timeframe and I believe is a suitable solution for the brief.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 13.12.49This is my second digital illustration from my sketches. This idea was based on a pen tool that all designers will be familiar with. I wanted to create something like a trophy or reward that I think I have achieved. Using a mix of sans serif and serif typeface to link modern and traditional techniques for design.

I like the thought behind this design however I feel the design featured above is a lot stronger for what the brief is asking for.

Colour could be easily incorporated into each design,  a lot of imagery surrounding the idea of volunteering features a lot of colours to show diversity and support from everyone.


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