Alien Type – Digital

Here is my digitalised version of my sketches for the alien type brief. I wanted to use different circle designs for each letter to make the type more interesting . Using a variety of tools in illustrator including the rotate, reflect and shapes to build each circle.

I used a grid inside illustrator and a box to make sure my letters were evenly spaced and the same height and width, this allowed me to keep consistency in my typeface.

Because the idea of this typeface was inspired by crop circles I wanted to create a mock up of the type on a crop field to relate the outcome back to the outcome of the brief which was type inside an alien movie.

I didn’t want to make the type to obvious or completely understandable as I wanted there to be some reasoning behind the letterforms.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 17.52.45.png

I like how it looks on this photoshop version with the letterforms, it looks interesting and you would want to find out more what it says.

The word spelled is ‘death’ giving the aliens a sinister message to the humans in the film. Each circle represents a point of each letters, so if you connect them together you can find the message, that can be translated at the end of the film.


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