Scanning + Digitalise

Here I have scanned my brushed lettering into photoshop using a flatbed scanner. I thought this would be good to do as I can clean up inconsistencies in letter spacing and sizes. Using curves I changed the levels of brightness and contrast, making the letters appearing much richer and blacker. I then erased some of the dark patches of paper and selected the black with the magic want and went to select>select similar to select all the black on the page.

You can see the difference in colour contrast between the two images below:

I then copied this onto my main poster, using an image I captured from the trip to London for the Russian Revolution exhibition. I wanted to mask a piece of the image in front of the image, in this case the car to include the type and imagery together.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 23.19.26

I used the pen tool to select the area to make a mask to hide my typography with. Here you can see this finished piece. I have chosen to use digital typeface between the two brushed words to make a contrast between the roughness of the brushed letters and clean strokes of the script typeface.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 19.33.11.png

I’m happy with the finished piece knowing that effort went into creating the brushed letters and they will be my own unique letterforms. It is a technique I enjoyed and would like to practice more of as really nice, interesting effects can be achieved from it.


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