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Rome Photos / Inspiration

Here are a few photos from my trip to Rome (these are lower quality due to the size of uploading). These are a quick selection from my camera, there are a lot more photos that could also be used in a double page spread to advertise Rome.

David Hockney Inspired:

As previously blogged about I only took a fixed 35mm lens with me on my trip, which meant I had to move myself if I wanted to get closer of further away from a subject. As I had previously researched David Hockney’s photographic and digital work it gave me an idea to try it myself.  Taking multiple photos of a subject from different angles allowed me to combine them inside Photoshop when I was home to achieve interesting photomontages with photos that features different exposures and the placement of people to make one whole unique photo.

Hockney’ photomontages / joiners (

My inspired shots:

I’m really impressed with the outcome of this experiment, creating a really unique photographic take on the city of Rome, and something that I could see working well with my double page spread.


Page Layout Research: Pinterest

Here are a few interesting page layout ideas I discovered whilst browsing on Researching and exploring as many different examples as possible will help me better my understanding and development when it comes to sketching and producing my own layouts.

Colour is something that plays a vital part in most of these spreads. Keeping a colour motif consistent in a spread helps unite both pages to become one entity. I need to bear this in mind when I designing as readers need to be able to tell when they open a magazine up on a spread or two separate pages/articles.

Something I particularly like on the first spread is in the typography and imagery. The title that is in an unorthodox position (creating interest and engagement from the start) looks like it has been used as a clipping mask in front of the main image, as it looks like the colour and textures would have been in the photo if it hadn’t been cropped. This clipping mask ‘window’ effect is really effective as it combines the title of main photo together.

Summer Brief : Editorial

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 21.41.52The summer brief asked us to create two double page spreads about any topics that we are interested in; they can both be about the same topic or different. The brief also states no A-sizes. The first thing I done was get a few different magazines I had in my room to start looking at page layout styles and variances, not worrying about the paper size just yet but taking in layouts, image placement, text sizing, titles, page numbers, drop caps, type justification, colour pairings and much more to help me get some ideas forming.

One of the biggest topics I’m interested in is around cars. I have lots of magazines such as Top Gear, Evo and Fast Car which all cover different areas in cars, from supercars, modified cars to hyper cars. There is often a great deal of professional page layouts and photography especially inside Top Gear’s magazine that I often find myself stopping and looking at when reading through. I also have a whole raft of imagery that I can use from my summer break that was orientated around car rallies/shows so I have a lot of content that I would be able to use.

Page Layouts:

Here are a series of page layouts that I found when going through some of my magazines. The first two show how matching colours in text and imagery can make a spread look more uniform and brings the text closer to the photo and article that it is about. In the first photo the yellow element that runs down the left side, the writers name, and shapes around the smaller photos all have been colour picked from the vehicle in the photo, which really helps bring both pages together (as the yellow car is placed on the opposite page to most of the coloured elements).

The next image shows how titles can work when enlarged and run across both pages. The ‘Bangers & Smash’ spread runs across the gutter, but due to a bold sans serif typeface doesn’t get lost whilst crossing the page. Something I want to try is creating an opening page like this for one of my spreads (not necessary for the brief but this  project needs to be thought as a portfolio piece) and will help give me some more experience.

The second image below relates to colour again, flowing the light blue across both pages make the reader know this is a double page spread and the article is one piece rather than two separate units, which is important to keep notice of when designing.

Using a large full size image behind a spread is something that has been successfully been used below. The image of two cars that fills both pages has taken advantage of the white clouds to use as a background for the text above the cars. This is something I have seen a lot in spreads and it can work really well, or look really bad so needs to be done correctly. Often this is down to the background colour and the choice of text colour when there are multiple colours in the background.

The second photo is from Cosmopolitan magazine and is the only spread in the entire magazine that chooses to switch orientation. This juxtaposition over halfway through intrigues the reader and makes them interact with the magazine to turn it to reveal the article. This technique can improve engagement and increase the amount of readers. The use of only two colours through the article also creates an minimalistic and easy to read guide, the use of black and orange combination creates contrast in the text and illustrations works well as there is no need for fancy techniques as this is a quick step by step guide.


Summer Project: Travelling

[August 21st] – I have had quite a lively summer since finishing the first year of my HND. I have visited Italy, stayed in Rome experienced most of the popular sights as well as some smaller ones, visited the famous colosseum and walked around the remains taking in all the history behind it, knowing that around 50,000 spectators would of once occupied the space around me; and in the years games were played inside it was estimated around 500,000 peoples live had been taken, and over a million wild animals. Also experiencing Italian cuisine and the art inside the city was another highlight of my trip which I took a lot of information from.

Visiting the Vatican was also an experience in itself. It was another world from what I had ever been used to, the sights, the smell, the people and the atmosphere was something that I had never felt before. Walking down the street down to St. Peters Basilica was an incredible sight.

Now for a slightly different travelling experience in my summer break; going on a rally with 60 other high performance cars, travelling from London to Paris, then Lyon and finally ending in Monaco. This was one of the best experiences of my life to share with two people who are like brothers to me. Cars and anything automotive is one of my biggest passions alongside my graphics and photography work, so I really like combining them as it gives me pleasure to work on all aspects of the work, from content, to design / page layout and finished outcome.