Experience Design

  • everyday
  • recognised (aware of) holiday, injuries
  • group memory deadlines, group work

Janet Cardiff Alter Banhoff Video Walk:

  • Recognisable
  • tourist, informative (students could use)

the audience can learn from this

How could I relate this topic to food (project x group topic) – could do a video tour of canteen with pre recorded planned events for audience to follow with their mobile phone (Restrictions: cost of having a mobile phone, language barriers etc)

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.28.13Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.28.04Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.27.59

Creating a board game for Project X Topic: Food

here is out groups work to produce a board game based around out project x topic of food. We had 50 minutes to develop and idea and create something that would function as a board game and inform the users of what our topic was about.

We spent around 5-10 minutes bouncing ideas of each other in the group to start getting ideas flowing and developing ideas. I don’t usually like working in groups because ideas aren’t usually shared that well. However in our small group we all pitched in our ideas and contributed to the work. We spent a lot of time planning for our game which didn’t help in our time frame.

The basic idea of what we had was a race to the supermarket, each character being a different fruit/vegetable from a different location, showing the user different locations, from the fields where they are grown, to the picking stages where the nicer looking ones are selected, them onto a conveyer belt to be cleaned etc and then a final road trip to the supermarket. When we went to start drawing our final ideas we were then told we had 10 minutes to complete it. So we changed direction of the game making it easier and simpler to play.

We made a rule that the player could only spin the spinner (made by cutting out an octagon, with a cocktail stick through the middle) these questions consisted of multiple choice relating to food wastage in the UK.

Here are a couple of the questions we researched and created:

What percentage of fruit and veg is wasted in the UK due to poor consumer habits?

(a) 33% (b) 50% (c) 75%

How many tonnes of food, that could have been consumed, was thrown away in 2015?

(a) 0.5 million (b) 1.8 million (c) 4.4 million

We wanted to create questions that would make the user shocked at how much wastage is happening in the UK so people can come away from the game will remember these statistics and hopefully spark a change in their habits and thoughts about food wastage.


Above is the photo of our groups board game and the feedback we received from other groups. It was a shame that we run out of time to develop our game however the main takeaway from today was that done is better than nothing. We learnt from this exercise that we shouldn’t be too ambitious when faced with a small deadline to plan and develop our work.

The feedback was relatively all positive. We had created an ‘enjoyable’ and memorable game, with ‘funny characters’ and surprising facts about our topic. This was the main aim I wanted to produce from this task was to create it memorable and informative which I think we have achieved.

End of Day Reflection (15/1):


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