West Meets East – Class Display

IMG_1043.jpgHere is my display for my given piece of artwork of West Meets East by Lorraine Leeson. The objective of this task was to give ways on which we can develop our presentation for our provotypes for our final project x topic. This helped me as it gave me a chance to see how quickly I could find research and develop something that could be displayed to the rest of the class. My first idea was to print the imagery and create a billboard type stand to show how it was displayed in the real world. However I was unsuccessful with this so it was propped up against my laptop with imagery of the billboard in south east London.

I also had to develop my exhibition label, I decided to include photos on mine of the development of the artwork as I thought this was useful for the class to see.  The exhibition labels on moodle showed how creative they can be, and for our final project x provotype I think we should develop something engaging the audience can take.


In what ways is information clear?

  • large images
  • broken up paragraphs, more helpful to read
  • beautifully coloured imagery
  • making the image big
  • all useful information]


  • interactivity
  • a video
  • something the audience could do

From my feedback sheet I score most in the 4. very easy column (17 votes) and the rest in the 3. ok but could develop section.

I will take on this advice for the upcoming display in the canteen.


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