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Raisin Experiment:

Firstly we done a mindfulness exercise, this time however we imagined we were holding a raisin. We were told to think about how this felt in our hands, the texture and the weight and temperature.

Even though this was all imagination I still got the feeling of the small, soft raisin and I even could think about feeling the wrinkles of the fruit. I could also imagine squeezing the raisin and feeling how soft it was.

When asked to pretend to smell the imaginary raisin I could actually smell something. It brought back a lot of memories as I haven’t eaten raisins since around primary school, so I got a lot of different memories, feeling and smells from doing this.

When asked to place the raisin inside my mouth I couldn’t actually taste it, neither could I taste it when asked to swirl it around my mouth. I thought this was strange as I could feel and imagine the smell of it but not the taste.

Part 2

We then carried out the exact same routine this time with an actual raisin. With the real fruit it was a lot softer than I had previously imagined and smaller than I imagined previously. However it still had the same feeling with the dry wrinkly texture.



A luscious fruit with a glistening skin and succulent soft inside





This exercise was interesting to do as it made me step back from my work and think about what my priorities need to be especially with the deadline closing in. Thinking of what has made me positive this morning and what I’m worried about helped me choose which pathway I now need to go to down to make sure I complete my work.

Focusing on breathing for a couple of minutes too helped me clear my mind and have a new perspective about the brief and how I have chosen to complete my outcome.


The second day of this mindfulness exercise was helpful before starting my work. It allowed me to think of any problems that will be in my way of working and put them aside for the morning as they aren’t important right now. My breathing was a lot calmer than before and blogging about it now has become easier and more fluent to write up.